Blockchain Consulting

REUM clients can rely on our implementations of distributed ledger technology, assisting cryptocurrency companies and individuals seeking blockchain as a service solutions. REUM SaaS’ and decentralised BaaS’ are operated services related to tokenisation. REUM supports start-ups, as well as established blockchain projects with development teams, funding, advise and we encourage our developers to create functional additions to provide growth for the blockchain community.
REUM continues to perform blockchain and fintech R&D as we navigate through various forms of global Gov’t regulatory compliance issues and as we communicate with fiat based payment services to integrate blockchain technology into the financial market of London UK.

The REUM Network

The REUM Network is an enterprise project management team. The REUM Network consists of experienced developers and blockchain specialists as a global team with extensive knowledge of blockchain technology.
REUM was founded by two primary school friends and business colleagues with 20+ years of experience in fintech business, project and product management, source code development, platforms alongside 4+ years of blockchain service knowledge. We will be utilising our industry relationships and existing IP to build mobile oriented products and primary blockchain service models. REUM Network has extended its reach with Lab Engine a development project with a team consisting of 75 + developers and a hedge fund to support ongoing REUM projects.

REUM Chain(s)

REUM chain(s) are customised blockchain solutions, developed with stress testing and security appraisals with improved quality assurance and real use case developed solutions, while REUM is consistent in smart contract code quality utilises an automated auditing tool to sign off on smart contract and cryptocurrency trade agreements.

We provide Bitcoin adaptions, custom code blockchains and ERC20 on REUM chain(s) allowing users to generate their own compliant and secure blockchains via our codeless token generator. Projects built with REUM chain(s) are capable of cross-chain cryptocurrency communication via atomic swaps, also secure frictionless transactions.

REUM Software

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    .encrypto algorithm forms the foundations of security for corporate grade encryption and provides keys from 2048 bits up to 4096 bits, FIPS 197 AES with keys up to 256 bits which is standardised in the UK. The .encrypto tool is utilised during mobile payments on the blockchain.

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    .solidarity is the code/language written into the Blockscript and Bankscript (BVM) to provide specialised coding for banks, finance companies and token economists. The .solidarity language concept was created by REUM and is being written and compiled by HHS Tech Group

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    Block Script (BVM) for standard utility and securities token builds, Blockscript is the original VM project as a concept created by REUM and developed by HHS Tech Group, Lab Engine has utilised Blockscript R&D to launch a secondary EMCA legacy BVM environment as Bank Script.

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    .vimoose software creates a blockchain structure offering deletable blockchains and smarter blocks which builds a structure that offers secure low consumption mining. The .vimoose concept was envisaged in Dec 2017 long before other variations like Shard and Zilliqa.

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    Bank Script uses Blockscript to create a stable token generator will be used by enterprise organisations and can provide significant savings, also bringing efficiency, transparency and immutability while utilising distributed ledger technology.

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    .codeless is a no need for code environment build into UX/UI, stimulating the blockchain eco system. Launch your smart contract easily via mobile or via our user friendly online GUI. The .codeless software is a tool to encourage mass adoption for blockchain services.

REUM Founders

Fabian Jean-Baptiste is CEO of REUM Ltd based in the UK, he has over 10 ITC years experience as a Agile/Prince2 equipped project manager, he has a BSc in computing and is a Microsoft certified professional. Fabian is the inventor of the mobile ticket, and a creative executive, holding acute fintech and blockchain IP.

Festus Akins is COO at REUM Ltd based in the UK, he also posseses 10+ years of ITC experience and is a senior web developer with previous work as an adobe engineer, Festus is a uniquely placed blockchain project manager with key knowledge related to crypto exchange eco-systems, as REUM’s exchange liaison, co-ordinating the digital marketing campaigns and PR towards fintech and blockchain services,

Banking Services

REUM is launching a blockchain service related to banking and financial services, with a focus on efficiency, mobile application development for consumer engagement and online SaaS for banks, fintech organisations, hedge funds and wealth management groups.  Our developers will utilise Blockscript a REUM technology, as a blockchain environment called Bankscript, establishing a stable currency for the Banking industry. REUM has developed KYC/AML and instituional on-boarding with a user friendly UX/UI for bank enterprise staff, Gov’t funds, finance, securities, insurance and real estate companies, utilising our Distributed Ledger solution to assist customers within this sector, primarily bringing our fintech development resources beyond North America and Europe, into all compliant and actively trading global markets.

REUM is a service provider of blockchain software and a developer of distributed ledger technology related services.REUM has developed several projects which will benefit  enterprise companies as well as individual traders. 

REUM has developed software to solve traditional blockchain problems with a focus on mass adoption through ease of use. 

REUM Wallet Generator

REUM has developed wallet solutions for varied cryptocurrencies. REUM recommends cold storage, with hierarchical deterministic (BIP44) capability secured utilising traditional PIN number password and REUM .encrypto algorithm. REUM can provides native support for various tokens. Continuous integration of key alternative coins and tokens. Private keys, wallet encryption, wallet dapplications, with atomic swaps via compatible exchanges. REUM wallets offer advanced wallet technology which enables you to use your alternative currencies to communicate entry and exit into bitcoin addresses. REUM offers language support, automated calculation, cross-chain payment processing without need to sign-up.REUM .encrypto (1024bit up to 4096bit security algorithm built in Java J2ME).

REUM Exchange Generator

REUM generator development is our forte, thus provide ‘multiple node’ full stack provision for decentralised blockchain currency marketplaces. provides IPFS and data management as stack software partners to cover all established cryptocurrencies scaled to handle more transactions at faster speeds. REUM creates true decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges, with a focused on speed of trade and security. Our exchange developers utilise .vimoose a REUM technology, which provides a deletable blockchain environment called smart(er)blocks, each block created does not need to be entirely downloaded to perform a transaction, establishing credit card level transaction speeds, using shorter payment addresses. REUM can build exchanges which trade in ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC as well as all established alternative coins and tokens (ERC 20, 223, 571) that have launched on the blockchain and have trade history.

REUM .codeless

REUM Codeless is frictionless, trustless with a ‘no need for code’ solution for Tokenisation. The REUM token generator allows users to create smart contracts, as well as being a multi chain token launchpad. REUM Codeless provides security, transparency and trust, with wallet to wallet transactions. Token project launches (Utility, Community, DAICO’s/ICO/dICO) with a managed token offering platform and marketplace more importantly project spending can be recorded on the codeless blockchain, allowing conversion to business file formats.

REUM Codeless are fully decentralised, immutable and can be tracked on the blockchain, making investors more secure in the knowledge of their during the support of a REUM Codeless tokenised campaign.

Codeless Token Generator

The REUM Network and its global software operation has presence in several locations with REUM blockchain executives, developers, advisors strategically across all continents. REUM blockchains, platform, dapps and tools.

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