REUM founded in 2018, as a blockchain consulting service

REUM utilises Lab Engine, as a team of experienced full stack developers, with agreements to work as external freelancers/Lab Engineers or as in-house Dev Ops/Lab Engineers, allowing REUM to project manage and submit scopes of work for smart contracts, exchanges, wallets, currencies to provide secure decentralised platforms and tools for REUM and its clients.

REUM created the Litehouse Protocol as R&D alongside external developers, to implement crypto/fiat solutions and currency generator services dedicated to the Litecoin blockchain, developers are directed to REUM with the Litehouse to assist the creation of a digital asset portal, a fungible solution and a fund processing service as approved by the Litecoin Foundation.

REUM’s blockchain service is based in London, UK

Company no: 11278139 – UK – registered on 27 March 2018

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