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REUM offers a free consultation to new customers.

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Full Stack and Web Portal
17 Hrs - 17 ETH 1 Hour - 1 ETH

REUM chain + full stack + web portal.

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5 ETH 5 Hours - 5 ETH

REUM chain(s) engagement fee to build a smart contract.

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Full Stack and Web Portal for Token Sale
20 Hrs - 20 ETH 1 Hour - 1 ETH

REUM chain + full stack + web portal + ICO.

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Full Stack Development
15 Hrs - 15 ETH 1 Hour - 1 ETH

REUM chain + full stack.

REUM Advisory - Token Brand Agency

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Dapps and Tools

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    .encrypto algorithm forms the foundations of security for corporate grade encryption and provides keys from 2048 bits up to 4096 bits, FIPS 197 AES with keys up to 256 bits which is standardised in the UK

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    xmOS is a mobile network created for X Mobile a smartphone for the blockchain. xmOS is a VNMO network with a private blockchain mining environment, alongside voice, data and text message services.

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    Dapplication is a decentralised dapps store powered by the REUM network for X Mobile which is ‘a smartphone for blockchain’. offers access to crypto exchanges, Dapps downloads as well as hosting a developer community to upload, subscribe and store Dapps.

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    Vimoose software creates a blockchain structure offering deletable blockchains and smarter blocks which builds a structure that offers secure low consumption mining. Vimoose was created in Dec 2017 and on the blockchain we are seeing deletable blockchains in other variations like Shard and Zilliqa.

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    REUM has created Benson AI as an environment to service blockchain dapplications; combining DRL, GAN’s and agent-based simulation to communicate with all IoT enabled devices.

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    vei coin

    VEI – a virtual electronic inventory management platform for FMCG’s providing POS solutions and payment platforms for global shopping centres/retail parks/supermarkets utilising blockchain technology.

With 10 x satellite offices, R&D departments,sales and marketing operatives placed across the globe, the REUM Network is ready to serve the blockchain community.

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