REUM R&D surrounds the sourcing of relevant SDK's, source codes, audited smart contracts, currency tokenisation including stable coins, fungible tokens, asset backed securities alongside R&D surrounding non-tangible and physical blockchain based products, including software integration with smart IOT devices, mobile phones, POS hardware connected to blockchain platforms and dapps.

REUM consulting assists start-ups, SME’s and enterprise organisations by identifying newly released API resources to facilitate transactions, secure storage of digital assets and to deliver fiat to crypto bridge solutions.


REUM advises fintech companies about which blockchain and currency exchange services to use, which will improve their payment infrastructure, offering regulatory filing, handling regional bank applications for clients seeking a compliant and secure fund transfer service.

REUM Public

REUM utilises Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin for its main public blockchain implementations, while REUM performs R&D to develop the Litehouse Protocol (LVM) as an element of Blockscript’s (public BVM) proprietary virtual machine as ‘tier 1’ used by its Dev Ops partners and its REUM Lab Engineers.

REUM Private

REUM utilises Hyperledger for its main private blockchain implementations, while REUM performs continual R&D to develop Bankscript (private BVM) as ‘tier 2’ of Blockscript’s proprietary virtual machine and Bank Token generator for digital finance and banking implementations.

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