London Crypto Exchange’s launch strategy is to leverage multiple services together under one roof, utilising partners including Civic for KYC/AML, Metamask for exchange log-in as well as Bitgo custodian services to provide secure storage of currencies.

REUM is representing LCE exchange which provides revenue (ROI) to shareholders through a turnkey service and is part of a liquidity pool trading with established exchanges. REUM provides management services for exchanges, with market making and token delivery alongside experience with LCE as a 50/50% partner, LiteDEX as a 100% fully owned operation, REUM also provides exchange business development and host management services for exchanges seeking new regional markets.

LCE (London Crypto Exchange) is a joint venture, allowing REUM to offer an exchange service with ERC20 transactions, Bitcoin, Verge, Qtum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Dogecoin and other UXTO token swap capabilities, alongside a stable coin and a token generator implementation to encourage advances in LCE exchange trade and to merge seamlessly into existing coin markets.

Ethereum (ERC20) provides the platform for the majority of decentralised exchanges, stable coins and securities token generators currently on the market, REUM fiat to crypto bridge solutions are provided with Mastercard to blockchain debitcard integration, REUM can offer ‘Mastercard as a service’ to clients, alongside other forms of fiat to crypto currency bridging.

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