REUM directs its partners to assist fintech institutions to provide fiat/cash fund processing, as well as to offer SME to enterprise fiat/cash cross border payments, foreign exchange trade and fiat/cash to cryptocurrency account management to their customers.

REUM – Lab Engineers are capable of embedding specific rules into smart contracts, meaning flexibility towards and industry. REUM provides blockchain advice, consulting and delegated technical assistance, with a communicative approach to executives seeking blockchain solutions, we evaluate a business and its current infrastructure, then we implement the most desirable operational scenario. REUM’s goal is project manage our developers to create user experiences which are seamless, thus encouraging blockchain and cryptocurrency standardisation using automated interactions and blockchain system management to achieve success for the blockchain community and our clients.

REUM project management solves problems, utilising company R&D, executive experience, delegated Dev Ops teams and our Lab Engineers alongside open sourced and crowd sourced software solutions, while project managing in-house and external projects within global or specific regional markets. REUM is a commercial entity contributing to private and public blockchain networks.

REUM solutions have been utilised by several blockchain companies. REUM’s partnership with X Mobile, a group developing a IOT enabled blockchain smartphone benefits from REUM solutions, offering acute project management and trade partnership experience.

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